God speaks to Liz
Dan and Liz had each been called to full time ministry as singles. Once they were married, that calling continued to intensify. In September of 2000, after three years of marriage and one year of parenting, the Lord opened a door for the Carl’s to lead a short term team from their home Church to Haiti. While there, Liz was unable to sleep and spent most of her nights praying and interceding for the country. She asked the Lord: “Lord Jesus, it’s been 5 years since I was last here in Haiti and nothing has changed for the better. How come Haiti never changes?” God didn’t answer Liz’s question that night but rather asked her a question. She felt God ask her in her heart: “Are you willing to be a part of the solution?” Liz said: “Yes, but I’m a married woman now so you will have to speak to my husband personally because I can’t come live and work in Haiti unless my husband knows we are called.” Liz kept this all to herself until almost 8 months later when Dan began to clearly recognize that God was calling him and his family to return to Haiti as full time missionaries.

God speaks to Dan
During that same short term trip to Haiti, Dan had recorded many hours of video showing Haitian kids and adults worshipping the Lord, going to medical clinic, and participating in ministry training. It was while preparing a short video presentation for their home Church that Dan first felt a love for the people and country of Haiti. Also, just a few weeks after the Carl’s returned from Haiti, they attended their home church’s annual mission’s convention and responded to the altar call offering themselves as missionaries anywhere in the world God would want to send them. When they returned from the altar, there was something different in their outlook, there was expectancy in their hearts that the time was growing near and that God would soon send them somewhere. That night, after they returned home from the service, Liz asked Dan where he felt God was calling them. Dan answered: “Out of all the many countries I have visited as a short term missionary, the one I feel the most connection with is Haiti.” God was narrowing the field for Dan but Liz still remained silent about what God had spoken to her a few weeks earlier in Haiti.

Family Crisis
The very next day, Dan’s Mother was diagnosed with a very deadly and fast spreading cancer. Almost over night, the Carl’s life style took a sudden change and the dream God had planted in their hearts was put on “hold” as they now began pouring themselves into Dan’s Mother and family members. The cancer however was inoperable. Four months later, while in a Coma, Dan’s Mother awakened briefly and prayed with Liz to receive Christ as her Lord and savior. She died two days later. The day after the funeral, Dan and Liz looked at each other and said: “The time seems nearer than ever that God is going to send us somewhere as missionaries.”

Confirmation from our pastor
Four months later in April of 2001, while Dan was working at the church, Pastor Dobie Weasel, the Carl’s home church pastor, approached Dan to talk about a “word of knowledge” God had given him about Dan and Liz. Pastor Weasel told Dan that while he had been walking through the Church one day, he felt impressed in his heart that God was getting ready to send Dan and Liz Carl to Haiti and that he was supposed to talk to them about it. When Pastor Weasel talked with Dan about this message, Dan told Pastor Weasel that he and Liz were ready and waiting on the Lord for His direction. Pastor Weasel then made an appointment to come talk to Dan and Liz together at their house the next day. That same night when Dan returned home, he told Liz what had happened. Finally, Liz felt released to share with Dan what God had spoken to her heart almost 8 months before in Haiti. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Weasel and the church board members all agreed that God wanted to send the Carl’s to Haiti as full time missionaries.

God opens the door for us to go to Haiti
Within the next several months, the Carls received an invitation from Assemblies of God missionary Jarman Esperance to come work with he and his wife Mary in Haiti as Missionary Associates. After supernatural favor and provision, the Carl’s arrived in Haiti in January, 2002 and continued to serve the Esperances until the Esperances left the country in early 2004. Thereafter, the Carl’s received an invitation to work with Bill and Dorothy Smith, the only remaining Assemblies of God Missionaries in Haiti. The Carl’s then served the Smiths until their second term was up in late 2005. Since the Smith’s ministry would soon be changing, there were no other possibilities for the Carl’s to continue as Missionary Associates in Haiti. It was at that time the Carl’s decided to form “Living Stone Ministries” rather than accept another Missionary Associate position in Jamaica.