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Watch the Trailer What is The GodMan?
The GodMan is a computer-generated photo-realistic animation version of the Book of Hope which tells the life story of Jesus and can be targeted toward a particular country or culture.

When God gave Book of Hope the vision to reach all the children of the world with His Word, it was easy to see how schoolchildren could be reached with the printed page - but what about youngsters who can't read, will never go to school, who don't like to read, or who live in countries where the Book of Hope cannot yet go? For them, God led Book of Hope to create The GodMan.

Why is The GodMan important?

The movie can share the good news with:
 Children too young to read
 Children who can't read and may never go to school
 Children in inaccessible countries
 Children who can read, but prefer movies, video, and the Internet

In many nations like Haiti, the literacy rate often falls below 50%. For example, in some parts of Haiti, there is a high percentage of people who are "functionally illiterate" - they may have attended a few years of school and be able to read street signs and simple words, but are not able to read a book. Even in the USA where most children will learn to read in school, there are youngsters who are not old enough to read, but who can understand the message of salvation.

For them, the Book of Hope cannot share the good news in a practical way, but The GodMan movie can!

What different versions and languages are available?
You can see the video trailer of "The GodMan" in English - right now. The movie is currently available in more than 37 languages around the world. In Haiti we are currently using the African French version and are in the process of translating and recording a Creole dub. This will give us two versions to utilize. The French version will continue to be used in areas of higher literacy and the Creole will be used for pre literate children and illiterate young people throughout Haiti.

One reason The GodMan movie is such a great tool for evangelism is that it can be easily adapted for use in many cultures, nations and societies. The film begins with a live-action story typical of the target area and audience. It addresses the heart-felt needs of the children & young people in that area of the world. The live-action story is interwoven with the animated story of the life of Jesus, told through the eyes of a young boy named Caleb.

Each version of The GodMan has a unique culturally relevant story that shows young people that Jesus loves and cares for them!

How does The GodMan relate to the Book of Hope?
When used in conjunction with a Book of Hope distribution, the film enhances excitement about reading the Word of God, and the book generates excitement about seeing the film. There's a great synergy between the book and the film. In fact, most of the books being distributed in Haiti feature images from The GodMan film. Also, we are utilizing a new book for pre literate and illiterate children called "The Storying Edition." This book is made up almost entirely of illustrations from the movie with very few written words. However, the last few pages of the book include a "Story Tellers Guide" which allows for a literate person to read to a group of illiterate children while the children follow the pictures.

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