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The mission of One Hope, Haiti is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of Haiti.

“Living Stone Ministries” has been a partner with “One Hope” in Haiti since 2006. “The Book of Hope” is one of the best evangelism tools for children and youth available today. The “Book of Hope” is helping “Living Stone Ministries” to fulfill its purpose of “preparing living stones for God’s spiritual house” through providing great books and training materials. “Living Stone Ministries” is helping the “Book of Hope” to accomplish its mission in Haiti through building national partnerships and providing evangelism training seminars.

We believe to accomplish our God-given mandate we must seek to:

  Present God’s Word in the most understandable and relevant format.
  Mobilize Haitian followers of Christ to personally and effectively present God’s Word to every child and youth in Haiti.
  Collaborate and network with other organizations within the Kingdom of God.
  Encourage new believers to enter into fellowship with the local body of Christ, resulting in a life of discipleship.

We believe these endeavors will result in:
  Children, youth, their families and communities coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.
  The furtherance of Christ’s great commission to His church.
  The building of the Kingdom of God in every community where we work throughout Haiti.

By the leading of the Holy Spirit we are networking with Haitian national church and mission organizations to systematically saturate every city and community with God’s Word. This is being accomplished through training national church volunteers to deliver a simple presentation of the Gospel and a personal copy of an age appropriate Book of Hope through a variety of distribution models including:

1. Class room or large group presentations in schools
2. Door to door community evangelism
3. “Mission 10” personal evangelism through church youth groups

Lord willing, our national partners will reach each of Haiti’s 4,000,000 children and youth before end of year 2012. Once this goal is attained, they will then repeat this process on a revolving 6 year cycle.

View pictures from a Book of Hope distribution in Haiti

The “Book of Hope” is a very simple form of the gospel put together in a highly interactive magazine and is available free of charge in various age appropriate formats. Books for younger children utilize scripture portions and paraphrases while books for youth feature more complete harmonies of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Along with God’s Word, the books are designed to help readers consider answers to thought provoking questions about making important life choices, character development and moral issues. Most importantly, all books feature an explanation of how a child can have a personal relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ.

In Haiti, we are utilizing 4 age specific versions of the “Book of Hope.” Books for younger children are in Creole while books for older children and youth are in French. The links below will connect you with a sample portion of each book. We have also included the English equivalent versions for comparison.

The Story Edition (SE)
Designed for illiterate and preliterate children

The Story Edition (SE) is designed for illiterate and preliterate children and is ideal for province areas where very few children are in school. It is also used to minister to street children. It features many pictures with few words. However, the last pages of the book feature a “Story Teller’s Guide” to allow a literate person to read to a group of illiterates. Since illiterate children are very abstract thinkers, they will learn the story of creation and Jesus Christ through looking at pictures while hearing the story script being read to them. They will also hear a simple explanation of the gospel and be given an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

Read Portions of the SE in English   Read Portions of the SE in Creole
The Early Reader’s Edition (ERE)
Designed for young readers ages 5 – 7

The Early Readers Edition (ERE) is designed for very young readers. It features scripture portions adapted from the Contemporary English Version. (CEV) The book features puzzles, fill in the blanks, and definitions of special vocabulary words which will challenge young readers to grow in their ability to read and in their understanding of God’s love and plan for their lives. The last page of the book presents 5 important balloons and a prayer that will give the child an opportunity to become God’s child.

Read Portions of the ERE in English   Read Portions of the ERE in Creole
The Children’s Animated Edition (CAE)
Designed for children ages 8 – 12

The Children’s Animated Edition (CAE) is a harmony of the gospels designed for older children and pre-teens. It features a young cartoon figure named Jonathon who acts as the guide to the book. Through personal testimony about character development subjects such as Self Esteem, Family, and Friendship the young reader is introduced to God’s Word and given suggestions on how to apply it to everyday life. Along with numerous activities and thought provoking questions, the last pages of the book explain the steps a young person can take to obtain eternal hope through Jesus Christ. Finally, the book utilizes many images that were adapted from a powerful video animation project called “The God Man.” When used together, the CAE and “The God Man” video project reinforce the life changing principles of God’s Word in a dynamic way.

Read Portions of the CAE in English   Read Portions of the CAE in French
The Teen Edition (TE)
Designed for youth ages 13 and up.

The Teen Edition (TE) is a harmony of the gospels designed for teenagers and young adults. Portraying the vibrant international youth culture of today, the book features a host of moral and social topics based on the felt needs of young people around the world and the questions they are asking about life as they transition to adult hood. Subjects such as Love, Sex, Addiction, and HIV / Disease are covered using a variety of personal testimonies from young people as they relate to the truths found in God’s Word. The last pages of the book challenge the young reader to consider the most important decision of their life and give instruction how to become a child of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, the book utilizes many images that were adapted from a powerful video animation project called “The God Man.” When used together, the TE and “The God Man” video project reinforce the life changing principles of God’s Word in a dynamic way.

Read Portions of the TE in English   Read Portions of the TE in French