2-9-10 Step by Step

Our February Newsletter is on line. This month we shared a spiritual perspective we felt God put on our hearts regarding the recent Mega earthquake that rocked us on January 12th. Also, there's lots of pictures to help you see some of the ministry we've been a part of over the last month. You can click on the above newsletter tab or the following link to get to the page.


We are amazed by the love of God expressed to us and the many people of Haiti who have been devastated by the January 12th earthquake. The presence of the Lord is softening the hearts of people causing them to be open to Him and His ways. Besides church services being packed, there is an upcoming call to 3 days of fasting and prayer beginning this Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th.

Liz continues to work through the Promess ministry to help connect free UN medications with many clinics operating in tent communities throughout the city. Sometimes this entails several trips per day to the airport with our pickup as well as many hours at Missionary Miguel Ovalle’s house sorting the medications in preparation for delivery.

Dan is working with our national assistant Clement Benoit to coordinate One Hope zone coordinators as they visit tent communities distributing the Book of Hope and showing The GodMan film. He also continues to look for ways to integrate the chlorine generators being offered by Mike Philips of Pure Water with community leaders that can reach masses of people with the water purification solution being produced in small 16 ounce bottles. One 16 ounce bottle can purify 250 gallons of water making it potable for consumption.

Joey is doing very well in the US. He is among good friends and family and getting good grades in Home School. Lord willing, he will return to Haiti the first part of March when the team from Omaha, Glad Tidings comes to minister with us in Haiti.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that on-going medical treatment and medications will continue to be made available to people free of charge.
2. Please pray for health care workers and missionaries who are on the front lines of caring for many people with traumatic injuries. Ask God to refresh them in the battle and to send replacements / reinforcements so those that have been working almost non stop for the past month can get a chance to rest.
3. Please pray for tents and other temporary shelters to be made available to all the homeless people of Haiti before the rainy season begins. The rains could begin anytime in the next 30 to 60 days.
4. Please pray for all Haitians to have access to potable water
5. Please pray with us as we fast and pray for Haiti beginning this Friday, February 12th through Sunday the 14th.

Blessings and many thanks!


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