2-27-10 Out and Back

From February 16th until the 26th, we were in Florida for a One Hope ministry conference that had been planned since before the January 12th earthquake. Since there were not yet any commercial flights, we drove to the city of San Pedro in the Dominican Republic, left our pickup with a friend, and flew to Ft. Lauderdale from there.

Highlights from Haiti’s 3 days of fasting and prayer.
The 3 days of fasting and prayer that occurred February 12th – 14th were marked with many private and public acts of repentance, thankfulness, and praise. Throughout Haiti, people took to the streets and churches were packed as groups assembled to seek the Lord. Also, for the first time we know of in Haiti’s history, carnival was cancelled. Instead of people running through the streets in drunkenness and sin, thousands marched through the streets in a spirit of praise and prayer to the Lord! In the plaza of Haiti’s national palace, more than 1,000,000 people marked the one month anniversary of the earthquake in a large scale memorial service featuring many national and international speakers along with Haiti’s president Rene Preval.

Highlights of our time in Pompano, FL
We along with other invited Haiti ministry partners spent the days in discussion, planning, fellowship, and prayer at One Hope’s headquarters in Pompano. Highlights included discussing the use of music, the arts, and research tools to better impact children and youth as we prepare for current and future ministry activities.

Also, we participated in a Haiti Relief ministry summit that allowed us to meet and share vision with many humanitarian groups currently looking for ways to improve their ministry effectiveness in Haiti.

Finally, on Monday night, Haiti was featured as the “kick off” country for the annual One Hope Celebration held at the One Hope headquarters in Pompano. We along with Dominican Missionary Miguel Ovalle of the Assemblies of God and Haitian Pastor Clement Joseph of the Haitian Dominican Dialog Group were given the spotlight for about 30 minutes to share about the history of Haiti, current testimony of what God has done in several children’s lives, and how we need to look to the Lord as never before as we work together in the future to provide God’s Word for every Child.

Looking for Tents in Orlando, FL
After the conference, we drove to Orlando to spend three days with our friends and ministry partners Lavon and Lynda Croskey of Against the Odds. The Croskeys underwrite most of the monthly budget for operating the school in Miragoane. They and their partners raised enough funds to purchase 20 six-person tents. So, along with spending time together, we drove all over Orlando with the Croskeys raiding Target stores to purchase additional tents. We were only able to find an additional 13 more at this time to give us a grand total of 33. Then, Friday we drove 2 hours to Venice to personally deliver the tents to Agape Missionary Flights who will hopefully fly the tents to Haiti next week. Thanks also to Omaha, Glad Tidings who sent 25 tents last week that will hopefully be delivered to Haiti in the next few days!

On the Road to get back Home to Haiti
Yesterday, we flew back to the Dominican Republic from Ft. Lauderdale and are planning to return to Haiti this Monday after purchasing supplies.

Praise Reports
1. Commercial Flights are now flying in and out of Haiti!
2. Haiti has been approved to receive an additional 500,000 Books of Hope this year to help with evangelism projects during relief efforts!
3. One Hope sent us back to Haiti with a second complete GodMan video projection system to help us better saturate refugee camps with GodMan showings in the Creole language.
4. Joey is doing very well in Omaha staying with friends and spending time with family. He’s getting good grades in Home School and will hopefully be back with us in Haiti in early March.

Prayer Requests
1. Relief Aid to get into the hands of the people who need it most
2. Shelter for all homeless Haitians before the rainy season begins
3. Earthquake after shocks to come to an end in Haiti
4. Pray for many people who desperately need to process the traumatic events that have taken place in their lives during the past weeks. Pray for counselors to be raised up to help people work through their emotional and spiritual pain.
5. Please pray for president Rene Preval and all of Haiti’s national leaders that God would draw them to Himself and give them wisdom how to lead the Haitian people and proceed in Haiti’s recovery in the fear of the Lord.


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