Liz and I have been amazed how God has spared so many of our friends and ministry partners. However, not everyone we know has survived. Nine year old Murielle perished when a neighbor's house collapsed on her's the evening of the earthquake. You will recall Murielle survived nearly being crushed to death when the shool she attended in her neighborhood of Nerette collapsed on her and her school mates in late 2008. Murielle is pictured here the day she received a Book of Hope over a year ago. Many of you may recall praying for her to recover from injuries sustained from badly crushed legs. For more on processing this difficult loss, please read the post below.


At January 21, 2010 9:55 PM , Anonymous Brittany Foral said...

i am so sad to hear that news. My mom told me. i hope her family is doing well. She was a sweet little girl.


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