Earthquake Recovery Continues 1-29

Don Buxman from Heartline Ministries lifts a little girl off the truck to deliver her back to her home near the airport in Port-au-Prince. The little girl along with all the others on the truck had been given medical attention at Missionary John and Beth McHoul's Heartline Ministries medical clinic. Do to a shortage of drivers, Dan helped drive patients home Sunday and Monday afternoon. Wow! What a great group of missionaries and doctors. These folks have been going full tilt for more than two weeks solid. They go into the highways and byways to look for the wounded who have not received the medical attention they needed. Then, they transport them to and from their clinic or other specialized hospitals depending on the needs of the patient. To get a better idea of the intensity many care givers have been experiencing over these past weeks, take a look at John McHoul's blog at:!F04579021E6249A3!904.entry

Dan's new missionary friend Mike Philips (left) teaches Pastor Astrel Vincent of City Soley and several of his key leaders how to use a chlorine generator provided by Hays Pure Water for All. Dan met Mike at Missionary John McHoul's orphanage while assisting with driving medical patients back to their homes after receiving medical care. Mike shared with Dan how his ministry was providing a simple water purification machine which could produce a powerful concentrate from salt water and could easily treat water to make it drinkable for 5000 people per day.

Ronald, Pastor Astrel Vincent's Water Manager prepares to treat a 300 gallon water tank with a very special concentrated solution of chorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone. The solution was prepared in one of the many chorine generators being given to Haiti by Hays Pure Water for All foundation. You can learn more about this incredible water ministry tool at:
Dr. Luidgi's assistant who also accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior when Dr. Isaac shared the gospel with the two Haitian men on Thursday.
Dr. Luidgi (left) and Dr. Isaac pictured together after Dr. Isaac led Dr. Luidgi to the Lord. The following is the testimony from Liz: I am so excited to let you know, that Dr. Larco Luidgi accepted the Lord yesterday. On Sunday, we visited Dr. Luidgi with a group of 6 volunteers from Brooklyn Tabernacle, which four of the volunteers were Haitian. One of the Haitian men shared the gospel with Dr. Larco Luidgi. Monday, two volunteers from the Dominican Republic and I delivered the Medications to Dr. Luidgi. Yesterday, I visited him with two volunteers from the DR. One of the volunteers is a Doctor from the DR. The Doctor from the DR said to me on Monday, "I feel that I need to talk to Dr. Luidgi about the Lord." Yesterday, we visited Dr. Luidgi to deliver more medications that the Team from Brooklyn Tabernacle had donated to him. When we arrived, Dr. Luidgi asked me, "where is the Haitian man that spoke to me on Sunday? I need to continue our conversation." I (Liz) said, "he's not here, but Dr. Isaac is here and he would love to talk to you." Dr. Isaac from the DR shared the Gospel with Dr. Luidgi and his assistant and both of them accepted the Lord. We told Dr. Luidgi that we would bring him a Bible, and Dr. Luidgi said to me, "Please don't forget the Bible, I need the Bible more than the medication you will bring me." Praise the Lord Dr. Luidgi and his assistant are hungry to learn more about the Lord!

A Hatian doctor by the name of Luigi attends one of his many daily patients at the Camp Petionville Club.

Dr. Issac from the Dominican Republic and one of the Haitian doctors work on a little girl's foot at the Camp Petionville Club Medical Clinic.
Many of you who have visited us in Haiti have ministered with missionary Elsie Lherrison. Elsie is pictured standing in front of her collapsed apartment building several days after the earthquake. She and her daughter Stephanie were miraculously protected by the Lord and were able to crawl out of the wreckage with only very minor wounds. Praise the Lord!
Elisie Lherrison's daugther's bedroom after the earthquake destroyed their building and they narrowly escaped.
Every day the ladies at Camp Petionville Club line up to recieve food and water distribution for their families. The US Military runs the distribution and uses a number system to keep order.

This cute little boy was rescued from a house that collapsed across the street from our house. He and his mother were rescued with only minor injuries.
Liz visited our neighbors with some rice packets from Feed My Starving Children as well as some other food items all supplied by Convoy of Hope. Our neighbors were very happy to receive the blessing. Thanks Convoy of Hope and Feed My Starving Children!


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