1-23 Invading Camp Petionville Club Tent by Tent

Amazing! That's all I could say Thursday the 21st as I arrived and began to walk around the normally prestigious Petionville Golf Course which has now become the home of nearly 20,000 refugees. These are people that have partially or completely lost their homes and are still in fear of returning to live inside a concrete house. The US military has set up a command post and is flying in food, water, and medical supplies. So.....we and our One Hope partners figured that if the US Army had everything needed to feed the hungry bodies of the camp, then it was up to us, God's Army, to feed their souls with spiritual food. We decided to do this by going tent to tent utilizing 24 Haitian national volunteers and giving every man, woman, and child in the camp a copy of the "Book of Hope." The experience was absolutely positive. Not only did adults and children gladly receive the books, many, many of them took time to open their book and begin to read and interact with the matieral. That night, we showed the GodMan film in the recently released Creole version to more than 500 children and adults. Numerous children were open to hear the salvation message that One Hope Zone Coordinator Moise Medor delivered at the end of the film as he gave them a chance to pray to ask Jesus to become their best friend, forgive them of their sins, and come live in their hearts. Now.....without swinging a club, wouldn't you say that was a great day at the golf course?


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