When the earthquake struck, we only had 1/4 tank of diesel in our truck. So, by Friday we were running on fumes because the gas stations were only opening for a short time each day and the lines were very long. Dan went out early Friday morning to wait in line at a gas station hoping to get enough diesel for the truck and our house generator so we would be able to go out and help in the city again. However, after more than 5 hours of waiting in line, just as Dan was getting to the pump, they ran out of diesel. So, Dan returned home with an even more empty fuel tank and no idea how, when, or where he would be able to find fuel again in the near future. We were very disappointed and discouraged to the point of being angry with one another. The stress, shock, and fatigue of the initial days of the crisis were starting to affect us. After humbling ourselves before one another and asking each other's forgiveness, we then committed the problem to the Lord and asked Him to make a way where there seemed no way. Liz also posted a prayer request on facebook asking for prayer that we find fuel. Oh what an answer! That night, one of the international Spanish families working for Coca Cola informed us that they were being evacuated to the Dominican Republic for a few weeks and they had a 15 gallon drum of diesel they would like to give us! We were so thankful for this generous gift that enabled us to not only fill our truck tank full but also our house generator as well. This allowed us to begin to plan for what would be a very positive Saturday.


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