Greetings from Haiti. We spent Tuesday night sleeping outside our house in our car. Wanted to be sure their were no dangerous aftershocks. There have been some aftershocks, but none too intense. We spent all day Wednesday in the city checking on ministry partners, helping injured people get to a medical clinic, and actually volunteering at the same missionary medical clinic we had delivered the injured. We were driving around the city until almost midnight trying to get treated people back near their homes and neighborhoods.

I don't think I need to describe the devastation in much detail because by now you've probably read some of the news reports and seen the many pictures. We have accounted for many of our ministry partners but not all of them. We will send you more details later. In the mean time, many have asked how they could contribute to help with efforts. Donations can be sent either through our Website via PayPal or through our home office. Both methods are described on the "donate" page.

Please earmark checks and PayPal donations as: "Haiti Earthquake Relief." Thanks for your many prayers and words of encouragement!


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