We drove through the city looking for ministry partners and their family members. The sight of collapsed buildings, body bags, and displaced people was overwhelming. We first found Petit and Moise in their neighborhood. We were so happy that they were alive and well! However, Petit's little brother had incurred some serious injuries when a house collapsed on him. We quickly put him in our truck to take him to a clinic being hosted by our friends Bill and Susette Manaserro. On the way, we picked up another badly injured young man sitting by the side of the road with his father. Arriving to the clinic, there was a wonderful mixed group of short term missionary doctors, nurses, and volunteer American team members along with Haitian doctors, nurses, and medical students several of whom lived in the neighborhood. Wow!!! Talk about unity in diversity. God's presence was there as this group labored quickly, intensely, but in the peace of God to try to take care of traumatized, seriously injured patients who needed much more care than could possibly be given in this type of setting. Deep head wounds, smashed body parts needing amputation, many eyes badly damaged. Of course, many broken or dislocated bones and other lacerations. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen so much blood and carnage. For the first time in my life, I nearly fainted while assisting with a surgery. I was amazed at how God worked through this very tired but dedicated team that is basically continuing 24/7 as long as they have medical supplies. After taking the first two treated victims back to their neighborhoods early afternoon, we picked up three more injured people. By the time we finished taking everyone home at the end of the day it was almost midnight. We returned to our house, showered, and slept in our house in our own beds that night.


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